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Filling up with Diesel in a Petrol BMW is a very common problem. And its remedy is dependent upon a number of things. In case you would like to find out what you need to do about this then please read on.
Listed here the most important variables to think about when deciding whether or not to get the car drained:

  1. Exactly how much Diesel have you put in to the BMW, considering that the fuel tank capacity of your BMW M3 GTS is probably about 63 litres?
    1. A tiny amount of Diesel, something like 3.15 litres of Diesel in a Petrol M3 GTS will most of the time not really be a massive problem. Experience has demonstrated to us that quantities less than 3.15 litres (which is 5% of the overall fuel tank) is in many instances able to be completely diluted by means of totally filling the remainder of the tank with the correct fuel.
      It is very rare to come across a car or truck suffering from issues due to less than 5% wrong fuel contamination. Keep in mind it's infrequently found - certainly not impossible to find. There are actually a number of automobiles that won't endure any degree of fuel contamination in the slightest.
    2. Anywhere between 3.15 and 6.3 litres of Diesel in the BMW (from 5 to 10%) is a 50/50 scenario. Our experience demonstrates that as many people get away with it as those people who break down. When you are trying to decide whether to chance it and simply top it up recognise that it is the same thing as betting it all on black - you will have a 50/50 possibility of it working.
    3. Anything in excess of 6.3 litres of Diesel in a Petrol M3 GTS should right away be drained seeing that your probability of driving with that amount of contamination is undoubtedly lower than one in 50 - definitely long odds.
  2. Put some Diesel in a Petrol BMW and drove it: Have you noted any kind of performance troubles since putting the bad fuel in your M3 GTS? If that's the case, have it removed no matter the volume of Diesel or even the contamination ratio. Still driving a vehicle that is already beginning to suffer from the consequences of fuel contamination can definitely lead to more harm being caused to the fuel system.
  3. Do you want peace of mind?
    Then get it emptied. Regardless of contamination percentage, there is always some amount of danger affiliated with running a Petrol engine on Petrol contaminated with the incorrect fuel. Probable results of driving a car on the incorrect fuel normally include the motor not starting, running unevenly, loss of power, wearing of the high-pressure pump, worn or clogged injectors, and so forth. These are some of the most frequently seen Diesel in Petrol symptoms, and should you detect any of them stop and get it removed right away.

Avoid getting any unqualified mechanic to attend your automobile. We are BMW specialists and have got the certification and knowledge required to make certain you are back on the road with minimal hassle or trouble.

Put Diesel in a Petrol BMW

By mistake put Diesel in a Petrol BMW? Or perhaps even put contaminated fuel in your BMW M3 GTS?

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Wrong Fuel Drain Specialists

We are the primary wrong fuel drain experts in the UK, offering national service, for BMW motorists in particular. We mostly attend to:

  • Unleaded petrol in Diesel Auto
  • Diesel in Unleaded Petrol Car
  • AdBlue fuel contamination
  • Water fuel contamination

We are BMW specialists and have successfully drained thousands of Petrol BMW vehicles. Whether it's roadside, on a petrol station forecourt, or even at your house, we are able to get you on the road once again.

The Procedure

The method of extracting Diesel from a Petrol vehicle is generally exactly the same for most vehicles. Needless to say it does vary somewhat as every make has their particular fuel system. Nevertheless it still essentially follows the following guidelines:

Petrol in Diesel BMW

Fuel Drain

Empty the Fuel Tank

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Wrong Fuel Drain BMW

System Flush

Clean out the fuel lines & pumps

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Petrol in Diesel Drain BMW

Vehicle Restart

Get the car up and running again

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Diesel in Petrol Questions

When someone has put Diesel in a Petrol car they have a few very common questions. So we have compiled a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions for you

I put Diesel in a Petrol car and drove it. What do I do?


Turn off the car as soon as possible and call us. Continuing to run a vehicle on the wrong fuel can potentially damage it. We will be able to give you advice and assistance based on your circumstances

Will driving a Petrol car on Diesel cause damage to it?


It can. However, if the problem is caught and remedied quickly the risks will be minimal. Of the 1,500 vehicles we attend every month, less than 0.5% have suffered and substantial damage requiring parts replacement.

How much Diesel can I get away with in a Petrol car?


The safe answer is none. However you might be able to get away with a very low contamination ratio. That being said, we always highly recommend draining anything over a 5% contamination ratio asap.

I know about petrol in diesel, but what about Super Unleaded?


Putting Super Unleaded, or Shell V-Power, BP Ultimate Unleaded, etc, will have the exact same effect as putting regular unleaded petrol in your diesel car and will need to be drained out and flushed.

Will getting you to do a fuel drain void my warranty?


No! The EU Block Exemption Regulations clearly state that "the work can be carried out by as long as that garage uses manufacturer approved parts and correctly follows the manufacturer's service schedule."

Can I top it up with Petrol and add some 2-stroke oil?


This might work on some vehicles in some cases, but in the majority on instances it won't and you risk damaging the Lambda sensors as well as fuel pump and injectors, just as a regular misfuel.

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