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Wrong Fuel BMW

If you have put diesel in a petrol BMW, or petrol in a diesel BMW then you will want to know what to do about it, how to get it out, if it’s safe to drive, and probably a host of other questions.

We are here to answer those questions and get you back on the road again.

Is having the wrong fuel in a BMW a problem?

In most cases, yes. Petrol in a diesel fuel system can cause issues with a loss of lubrication resulting in damaged fuel pumps and injectors. It can also lead to the deterioration of fuel lines, seals and filters.

Running a diesel vehicle on petrol can also cause a number of problems – including burnt out spark-plugs, thinned out oil (leading to a lack of engine lubrication), and even complete engine failure.

How to drain a misfuelled BMW?

The easiest way to get the wrong fuel out of you BMW is to call us. We offer a specialist BMW misfuel service where we come out to attend the vehicle wherever it is. We will drain the fuel tank (or tanks if there are more than one), flush out the fuel lines, filters and pumps, re-prime the system with clean fuel, and get the engine running again.

Can you drive a misfuelled BMW?

The safe answer is always no. Putting any amount of the wrong fuel in a car can cause damage to the fuel system.

You will often find that after filling up with the wrong fuel the driver is unaware of the fact and attempts to drive off down the road. In most cases the car will get a couple of miles before it starts to exhibit the tell-tale signs of misfuelling (loss of power, excess smoke, cutting out, or failing to restart after being turned off). These few miles will be because the engine is running on the remaining clean fuel left in the fuel lines and filter. Once the contaminated fuel reaches the engine it’s a completely different story altogether.

How quickly it starts to misbehave depends on the fuel system, the amount of correct fuel in the vehicle, and the volume of incorrect fuel pumped into the tank.

These last two factors will determine the contamination ratio in the fuel tank. We generally say that if you have more than 5% contamination in your fuel tank you should get it drained out as soon as possible*.

If you want to know your contamination ratio we have provided a list at the bottom of the page of the most common BMW models and variants. This list gives their estimated fuel tank capacity and an indicator of how many litres of fuel equates to five percent.

If you have put more than this amount into the tank then give us a call right away to get it drained and cleaned out.

* NOTE: This 5% contamination ratio advice is based on our customer feedback and years of experience in dealing with misfuelled BMWs. Bear in mind that any amount of contaminated fuel can damage the engine. To avoid any uncertainty please consult BMW’s guidelines on what level of contamination is acceptable.

Put the wrong fuel in your BMW

Inadvertently put diesel in a petrol BMW, or petrol in a diesel BMW? Or even put contaminated fuel in your BMW?

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Wrong Fuel Drain Specialists

We are the top rated wrong fuel drain specialists in the UK, boasting nationwide service, for BMW motorists especially. We mainly fix:

  • Unleaded petrol in a Diesel Car
  • Diesel in an Unleaded Petrol Vehicle
  • AdBlue fuel contamination
  • Water fuel contamination

We are BMW specialists and have successfully drained thousands of misfuelled BMW models. Even if it is at the roadside, on a filling station forecourt, or even at your home, we are able to get you on the road once again.

The Process

The system of extracting diesel from a petrol BMW, or petrol from a diesel BMW is in essence exactly the same for a large number of motor vehicles. Of course it can differ to some degree as every make has their unique different fuel system. Nevertheless it still follows the following guidelines:

Petrol in Diesel BMW

Fuel Drain

Empty the Fuel Tank

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Wrong Fuel Drain BMW

System Flush

Clean out the fuel lines & pumps

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Petrol in Diesel Drain BMW

Vehicle Restart

Get the car up and running again

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Wrong Fuel BMW Questions

When someone has put diesel in a petrol BMW, or petrol in a diesel BMW they have a few very common questions. So we have compiled a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions for you

I put diesel in a petrol BMW, or petrol in a diesel BMW and drove it. What do I do?


Turn off the car as soon as possible and call us. Continuing to run a vehicle on the wrong fuel can potentially damage it. We will be able to give you advice and assistance based on your circumstances

Will driving a misfuelled BMW cause damage to it?


It can. However, if the problem is caught and remedied quickly the risks will be minimal. Of the 1,500 vehicles we attend every month, less than 0.5% have suffered and substantial damage requiring parts replacement.

How much wrong fuel can I get away with in a BMW?


The safe answer is none. However you might be able to get away with a very low contamination ratio. That being said, we always highly recommend draining anything over a 5% contamination ratio asap.

I know about petrol in diesel, but what about Super Unleaded?


Putting Super Unleaded, or Shell V-Power, BP Ultimate Unleaded, etc, will have the exact same effect as putting regular unleaded petrol in your diesel car and will need to be drained out and flushed.

Will getting you to do a fuel drain void my warranty?


No! The EU Block Exemption Regulations clearly state that "the work can be carried out by as long as that garage uses manufacturer approved parts and correctly follows the manufacturer's service schedule."

Can I top it up and add some 2-stroke oil?


This might work on some vehicles in some cases, but in the majority on instances it won't and you risk damaging the Lambda sensors as well as fuel pump and injectors, just as a regular misfuel.

BMW Model & Variant Fuel Tank Capacity Table

MakeModelEngine CCFuel TypeFuel Capacity5% of Tank
BMW1 M2979Petrol53 litres2.65 litres
BMW114d1598Diesel52 litres2.6 litres
BMW114i1598Petrol52 litres2.6 litres
BMW116d1995Diesel51 litres2.55 litres
BMW116i1596Petrol50 litres2.5 litres
BMW118d1995Diesel50 litres2.5 litres
BMW118i1995Petrol53 litres2.65 litres
BMW120d1995Diesel50 litres2.5 litres
BMW120i1995Petrol50 litres2.5 litres
BMW123d1995Diesel51 litres2.55 litres
BMW125d1995Diesel52 litres2.6 litres
BMW125i1997Petrol52 litres2.6 litres
BMW130i2996Petrol53 litres2.65 litres
BMW316d1995Diesel61 litres3.05 litres
BMW316i1596Petrol65 litres3.25 litres
BMW318Ci1995Petrol63 litres3.15 litres
BMW318d1951Diesel63 litres3.15 litres
BMW318i1796Petrol65 litres3.25 litres
BMW318is1796Petrol65 litres3.25 litres
BMW318tds1665Diesel65 litres3.25 litres
BMW320Cd1995Diesel63 litres3.15 litres
BMW320Ci2171Petrol63 litres3.15 litres
BMW320d1951Diesel63 litres3.15 litres
BMW320i1991Petrol65 litres3.25 litres
BMW320si1997Petrol63 litres3.15 litres
BMW320xd1995Diesel61 litres3.05 litres
BMW323Ci2494Petrol63 litres3.15 litres
BMW323i2494Petrol65 litres3.25 litres
BMW325Ci2495Petrol63 litres3.15 litres
BMW325d2993Diesel61 litres3.05 litres
BMW325i2494Petrol65 litres3.25 litres
BMW325tds2498Diesel65 litres3.25 litres
BMW325xi2495Petrol63 litres3.15 litres
BMW328i2793Petrol65 litres3.25 litres
BMW330Cd2993Diesel63 litres3.15 litres
BMW330Ci2979Petrol63 litres3.15 litres
BMW330d2926Diesel63 litres3.15 litres
BMW330i2979Petrol63 litres3.15 litres
BMW330xd2926Diesel63 litres3.15 litres
BMW330xi2979Petrol63 litres3.15 litres
BMW335d2993Diesel61 litres3.05 litres
BMW335i2979Petrol63 litres3.15 litres
BMW335xi2979Petrol63 litres3.15 litres
BMW420d1995Diesel60 litres3 litres
BMW428i1997Petrol60 litres3 litres
BMW430d2993Diesel60 litres3 litres
BMW435d2993Diesel60 litres3 litres
BMW435i2979Petrol60 litres3 litres
BMW518d1995Diesel70 litres3.5 litres
BMW520d1951Diesel70 litres3.5 litres
BMW520i Touring1991Petrol70 litres3.5 litres
BMW523i Touring2494Petrol70 litres3.5 litres
BMW525d2497Diesel70 litres3.5 litres
BMW525i2495Petrol70 litres3.5 litres
BMW525xd2993Diesel70 litres3.5 litres
BMW525xi2494Petrol70 litres3.5 litres
BMW528i Touring2793Petrol70 litres3.5 litres
BMW530d2926Diesel70 litres3.5 litres
BMW530i2979Petrol70 litres3.5 litres
BMW530xd2993Diesel70 litres3.5 litres
BMW530xi2979Petrol70 litres3.5 litres
BMW535d2993Diesel70 litres3.5 litres
BMW535i3498Petrol70 litres3.5 litres
BMW540i4398Petrol70 litres3.5 litres
BMW545i4398Petrol70 litres3.5 litres
BMW550i4799Petrol70 litres3.5 litres
BMW630i2996Petrol70 litres3.5 litres
BMW635d2993Diesel70 litres3.5 litres
BMW640d2993Diesel70 litres3.5 litres
BMW640i2979Petrol70 litres3.5 litres
BMW645Ci4398Petrol70 litres3.5 litres
BMW650i4799Petrol70 litres3.5 litres
BMW725tds2498Diesel85 litres4.25 litres
BMW728i2793Petrol85 litres4.25 litres
BMW730d2926Diesel85 litres4.25 litres
BMW730i2979Petrol88 litres4.4 litres
BMW735i3498Petrol85 litres4.25 litres
BMW740d3901Diesel85 litres4.25 litres
BMW740i3982Petrol95 litres4.75 litres
BMW745d4423Diesel88 litres4.4 litres
BMW745i4398Petrol88 litres4.4 litres
BMW750d xDrive2993Diesel80 litres4 litres
BMW750i5379Petrol85 litres4.25 litres
BMW750i xDrive4395Petrol82 litres4.1 litres
BMW750iL5379Petrol95 litres4.75 litres
BMW750Ld xDrive2993Diesel80 litres4 litres
BMW750Li4799Petrol88 litres4.4 litres
BMW750Li xDrive4395Petrol82 litres4.1 litres
BMW760i5972Petrol88 litres4.4 litres
BMW760Li5972Petrol88 litres4.4 litres
BMW840Ci4398Petrol90 litres4.5 litres
BMW840i3982Petrol90 litres4.5 litres
BMW850Ci4998Petrol90 litres4.5 litres
BMW850CSi5576Petrol90 litres4.5 litres
BMW850i4998Petrol90 litres4.5 litres
BMWActiveHybrid 32979Petrol60 litres3 litres
BMWActiveHybrid 52979Petrol70 litres3.5 litres
BMWActiveHybrid 74395Petrol80 litres4 litres
BMWActiveHybrid 7L4395Petrol82 litres4.1 litres
BMWM coupe3201Petrol51 litres2.55 litres
BMWM135i2979Petrol53 litres2.65 litres
BMWM135i xDrive2979Petrol52 litres2.6 litres
BMWM32990Petrol65 litres3.25 litres
BMWM3 Cabrio2990Petrol65 litres3.25 litres
BMWM3 Coupe2889Petrol65 litres3.25 litres
BMWM3 Coupe CSL3246Petrol63 litres3.15 litres
BMWM3 GTS4361Petrol63 litres3.15 litres
BMWM54941Petrol70 litres3.5 litres
BMWM5 Touring4999Petrol70 litres3.5 litres
BMWM550d xDrive2993Diesel70 litres3.5 litres
BMWM550d xDrive Touring2993Diesel70 litres3.5 litres
BMWM64999Petrol70 litres3.5 litres
BMWM6 Coupe4395Petrol70 litres3.5 litres
BMWX1 D1995Diesel61 litres3.05 litres
BMWx11995Petrol63 litres3.15 litres
BMWx3 D1995Diesel67 litres3.35 litres
BMWx31995Petrol67 litres3.35 litres
BMWx5 D2926Diesel93 litres4.65 litres
BMWx52979Petrol92 litres4.6 litres
BMWx6 ActiveHybrid4395Petrol85 litres4.25 litres
BMWx6 M4395Petrol85 litres4.25 litres
BMWx6 D2993Diesel85 litres4.25 litres
BMWZ31796Petrol51 litres2.55 litres
BMWZ42979Petrol55 litres2.75 litres
BMWZ84941Petrol73 litres3.65 litres

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